Courage is Contagious. Catch it.

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Are you ready to leap?

At TheCourage.Us, we believe that profound change in our communities is only going to happen from the ground up, led by innovators willing to take risk for what they believe in.

We believe that courage is contagious, and that our initiatives will be strengthened when we can draw upon the strength of others in the fight. 

Most movements are about change...we're about supporting and propelling the changemakers. Our goal is to build a network of risktakers who fuel one another's initiatives, companies and innovations. We'll follow each other. Push each other. Cheer for each other. Take risks for each other. And we'll share the unique knowledge and experiences we each possess to accelerate all of our work. 


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Are you an entrepreneur or innovator going BIG for a better world?  Want to accelerate alongside a community of like-minded changemaker and risktakers?  Ready to create, to push past boundaries, to tap into a courageous LEAP? 

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