Lock Arms and Leap

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What is TheCourage.Us? A network of risktakers who fuel one another's organizations, companies and initiatives.

Why? Because when we bring our collective knowledge, energy and determination to your mission, you can do more - and matter more - to the people who count on you.

The powerful have let us down, but that does not have to slow us down. At TheCourage.Us, we believe that progress and policy follow people. People leading movements – big & small – on the ground. People like you. People like us.

If we lock arms and leap together, we'll change the world.

We're committed to a set of core beliefs that are rooted in our passion and our experience.  We believe...

  • In abundance over scarcity
  • In the big impact of small moments of brilliance
  • In the power of collective action
  • That courage is contagious

Join us.


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